Facility Design Services


Ingredient Verification Services

We can create the study design and protocols to manage the food lab testing with our partners to confirm label claims or presence of most other ingredients/actives. Work is done under confidentiality and managed by us through a third-party provider. Information is reviewed and released to you with interpretive commentary and related feedback.

Establishing Standard Operating Protocols (SOP’s)

If you are starting your own testing or Quality Program for manufacturing of dietary ingredients or finished products, we can support you not only on the general direction and most efficient strategy, but in the development of and implementation of all the critical stage SOP’s required for your business to be compliant. We can create custom SOP templates for Manufacturers, Laboratories, Research Facilities and Retailers within the Dietary Supplement Industry to quickly customize, enact and train your staff to get operational faster.

Quality Systems Analysis and 3rd-party Auditing

We can provide contract auditing services to inspect your provider to ensure that they are meeting current Dietary Supplement regulatory standards (under CFR 21 Part 111) and other regulatory guidelines. If you do not have the ability for on-site inspections or are in need of establishing your outsourcing program to qualified third-party providers, we can help.