MRS – The Marketing Review Services group is responsible for compliance reviews of all copy or content associated with labeling, packaging, website copy, claims and commercial or radio scripts. Marketing copy is reviewed against the applicable GMP regulations (21 CFR Part 101) and other current interpretations or publicly documented positions of the FDA, FTC or other regulatory agency as they evolve.

Due to the training and experience reviewing hundreds of labels each month, the group also conducts Claims Development based on product formulations and relevant clinical studies as well as prepares Claims Substantiation Dossiers, which are incredibly comprehensive reports that characterize claim substantiations and assess supporting literature for a specific claim or umbrella claim. Moreover, MRS is responsible for Social Media Monitoring, a real-time third-party monitoring service for corporate online social media assets to ensure compliance of publicly accessible marketing language.

The types of materials reviewed or services include the following:

• Food, Animal Feed, Supplement, Cosmetic and Homeopathic Labeling or Packaging
• Nutritional Facts, Supplement Facts, Drug Facts, Guaranteed Analysis
• Bulk Ingredient Labels
• Website copy
• Advertorials, Brochureware and other sales collateral
• Radio & TV scripts
• Social Media Monitoring for corporate Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, company blogs, etc.
• Claims Development & Claims Substantiation, Claim Substantiation Dossiers