ClaimsBae™ Minis: Bacopa Monniera

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ClaimsBae™ Minis: Bacopa Monnieri

Ingredient: Bacopa monnieri/monniera (Water hyssop)

Claim: Supports Cognitive Function

Provides Memory Support
Cognitive Support

Stough et al. (2008) evaluated the cognitive enhancing effects of Bacopa monnieri in human subjects. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled independent study for 90 days. The treatment group ingested 300mg/day of Bacopa monnieri (2 capsules per day). The study evaluated a battery of cognitive factors (Secondary memory, working memory, speed of memory, speed of attention, and accuracy of attention) from the Cognitive Drug Research. The study results showed an improvement in working memory (P = 0.035) and spatial working memory (P = 0.051).

Study: Stough, C., Downey, L.A., Lloyd, J., Silber, B., Redman, S., Hutchison, C., Wesnes, K. and Nathan, P.J. (2008). Examining the nootropic effects of a special extract of Bacopa monniera on human cognitive functioning: 90 day double‐blind placebo‐controlled randomized trial. Phytotherapy Research: An International Journal Devoted to Pharmacological and Toxicological Evaluation of Natural Product Derivatives, 22(12), 1629-1634.