ClaimsBae™ Minis: Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Immunity

ClaimsBae™ Minis: Vitamin C

Ingredient: Vitamin C

Claim: Immune system support

Enhances the immune system
Helps with immune response

Substantiation is reported in an article published in 2017 by Van Straten and Josling, a study conducted with one hundred and sixty-eight volunteers randomly divided into two equal-sized groups. One group received two 500 mg tablets of Ester-C ascorbate daily for 60 days. The other group received a placebo. At the end of the 60-day period the participants’ diaries were collected and the data was analyzed using a three-point scale relating to the presence of cold symptoms as well as duration. The study’s results revealed that the active group recorded 37 colds with an average duration of 1.8 days, while the placebo group recorded 50 colds with an average duration of 3.1 days. The consumption of this level of Vitamin C is supportive of the overall findings of immune system support from the preventive perspective with data also demonstrating benefits post-infection.

Study: Van Straten, M and Josling. 2002. Preventing the Common Cold with a Vitamin C Supplement: A Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Survey, Advances In Therapy, Volume 19 No. 3.