Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

foreign supplier verification program (fsvp)

Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

In recent times, a pivotal topic has dominated the discussions surrounding the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP). As food and supplement businesses, especially those sourcing ingredients or finished products from international markets, it’s become more imperative than ever to ensure that your FSVP documents and the encompassing procedures form an integral part of your Food Safety Program.

There’s a noticeable change in the FDA’s enforcement priorities. Over the past year, there’s been an intensified focus on the FSVP. This is evident in the recent warning letters emphasizing non-compliance with FSVP regulations. Such a shift clearly indicates that the regulatory landscape is evolving, becoming more rigorous in its demands. The repercussions for not adhering can be substantial. Firms can face issues like returned or destroyed goods, incurred prolonged storage fees, detentions, potential loss of distribution contracts, and even business itself.

If your organization has already embarked on the FSVP documentation journey, that’s commendable! It’s essential to keep up that pace, ideally staying ahead of any regulatory actions. For those yet to initiate their FSVP or are playing catch-up, it’s crucial to understand that while it’s not too late, a well-defined strategy is needed. Exceptions do exist, but are you certain you fall under them?

Whether you’re well into your FSVP journey or just starting out, REJIMUS is here to support. Our expert team is equipped to streamline the FSVP process, acting as an extension to your Quality Unit, irrespective of its size. Not only can we ensure things are done right from the onset, but we are also dedicated to imparting knowledge, allowing your team to effectively manage the process in the future.

Considering the importance of this regulatory focus, a deeper conversation about your FSVP strategy might be beneficial. Would you be open to discussing our approach and how REJIMUS can assist further?


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