That’s One Hell of A Food Safety Plan!

That’s One Hell of A Food Safety Plan!

First, we hope the Natural Products Expo West was wonderful for you as it was for us, if you got to attend…so great to see familiar faces and create some new memories! We’ve got more shows slated for this year, so we look forward to the next one. On to the topic for this month…

So should you have a Food Safety Plan? Well, of course, it depends. It most instances, yes, but within that consideration, what should be included? Again, it depends. Not all FSP’s are or should be created equal. Bottomline, the FDA has been taking closer looks lately into the details of food safety plans upon inspection, as we are finding out, so we figured it would be good to recap what those critical aspects are of a food safety plan to be included:

Hazard Analysis: potential food safety hazards at each stage of the food production process
Critical Control Points (CCPs): specific points in the production process where the hazard can be controlled or eliminated
Monitoring Procedures: monitoring the CCPs
Corrective Actions: corrective actions when a deviation occurs
Verification Procedures: verify the food safety plan through testing, validation, and documentation
Record-Keeping: comprehensive records of all food safety activities
Trainingtraining to all employees on food safety practices and procedures

And one more of the most essential things to have in place, should be a strong food safety culture, which involves everyone in the organization, top down, demonstrating a collective commitment in maintaining food safety standards and continuously improving the food safety plan.

That my friend is how you create one hell of a Food Safety Plan and Program! Can we do it together?

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Other News & Updates

REJIMUS has joined CHPA – Given the wide range of quality and regulatory compliance expertise with traditional foods, beverages and dietary supplements, REJIMUS has recently joined the organization, and kicked off a CHPA Probioics panel discussion this week. We look forward to many more key contributions to the industry in helping solve key operational and regulatory challenges for members and customers.

Here’s a quick snapshot of upcoming shows with various team members that will be attending…can we schedule a time to connect?