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You down with F.S.V.P.? Yeah you know me!

The FDA is still at it, of course, and given the high visibility of recent Warning Letters to food and supplement companies not having their Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) tight for review upon request from the Agency, this is a strong indication of what will certainly come next with respect to follow-on actions, if not resolved properly. While each product/ingredient from each foreign supplier requires evaluation, there are lots of ways to do it optimally, and there are even the possibility of certain exemptions! Do you know what these are? Keep in mind also, brokers or third-party importers might be a major complicating factor, if not setup correctly from the get go. Can we help plan?

REJIMUS is looking for regulatory talent!

Do you know regulations chapter and verse? Can you troubleshoot with the best? Are you eager to let your knowledge and experience speak for itself when it comes to quality and compliance? We are now hiring for several regulatory roles!

REJIMUS Booth #4981 at SupplySide West 2022

Our expanded and growing team as well as new partners will be at SSW 2022 this year in Vegas. To schedule a meeting or free consult, contact us!

Welcome to ClaimsBae™

Our search friendly ClaimsBae™ Database, is unlike any other studies and claims finder tool available on the market today for Dietary Supplements. For product development, formulation development, and marketing, we built in central tool to find pre-qualified claims matched to qualified studies and more!
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Other News

Besides exhibiting at the upcoming SSW 2022, REJIMUS is sponsoring The 14th Annual Food Quality Symposium and making some networking waves with key industry stakeholders. Would love to meet up and discuss how your 2023 regulatory and growth strategies are shaping up.

Brandon Griffin, CEO