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Safeguard Your Brand’s Reputation and Reduce Legal Risks with REJIMUS Recall Solutions

Product recalls are urgent and sensitive events with the potential to significantly impact your brand, customers, and future business. Efficiently handling recalls is essential in reducing the risk of injury to consumers and minimizing legal and regulatory consequences. REJIMUS specializes in comprehensive recall program design, management, and training, including mock recalls, to ensure your brand responds adequately to both mandatory and voluntary recalls.

Navigating the Complexities of Product Recalls

A recall is an action taken to address an issue with an ingredient or finished product that violates the law, as enforced by regulatory agencies like the FDA, FTC, USDA, and others. Product recalls may occur for various reasons, such as defective packaging, adulterated materials, contaminated products, noncompliant manufacturing practices, inaccurate testing results, improper storage, or unsubstantiated label claims.

Effective Recall Management: A Critical Responsibility for Brand Owners

The ultimate responsibility for recall management lies with the brand owner. Developing and implementing a well-written recall plan and procedures for your products or ingredients is only the first step. Comprehensive recall programs must include specific documentation, protocols, and accurate evaluation of key factors, such as:

• Inspecting materials or products for problems
• Repairing materials or products
• Re-labeling materials or products
• Destroying materials and products
• Notifying consumers of a problem and tracking/reporting responses
• Monitoring product returns for a set period of time

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If you’re seeking assistance with ingredient or finished product recalls for food or beverage products, dietary supplements, or cosmetics, contact REJIMUS today. We’ll engage in an open conversation about your situation, quickly assess the circumstances, and define the appropriate next steps for handling or preparing for a recall. Trust our experienced team to help you navigate the recall process and ensure proper closure.

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