Monthly Newsletter January 2023


How’s Your 2023 Compliance Strategy Looking?

First off, personally we hope big things are slated for you this year, but most importantly, good health! Without that, nothing else truly matters. Second to that, what are your regulatory initiatives for the year? Is there a build-out or acquisition of a new ingredient or food production facility in the cards? How about just a new product launch? What about optimizing your supply chain to reduce costs and regulatory risks while improving output? What about a plan to better mitigate costly quality or non-compliance issues?

For REJIMUS, several new regulatory team members have joined our MRS and QDS teams to help clients aggressively catch their compliance needs, given the supply chain challenges over the recent past. We are expanding our project management functionality for more client-integrated engagements to easily handle the most complex quality or regulatory issues in a rapid scale-up/scale-down fashion. While one-off requests or compliance issues are a constant burden for a lot of business, a “Proactive Compliance Mindset” is a must to help reduce such challenges long before they arise. To empower clients, we are allocating more resources to help with strategic planning, GMP training, compliance workshops, and other online solutions that help clients better manage their business and evaluate compliance risks more effectively. We’ve also got a big number of trade shows and conferences slated for the REJIMUS team this year…so we look forward to connecting in person!

GMP Training and Support

REJIMUS provides custom annual and one-off quality and regulatory training workshops and onsite bootcamps covering 21 CFR Part 101, Part 111, and Part 117 for your specific business model in the Food & Beverage and Dietary Supplement Industries. Learn More

Got S/F Claims?

Our search friendly ClaimsBae™ Database for Dietary Supplements, is unlike any other study or claim finder tool available on the market today. Whether developing formulations to meet claims or coming up with qualified claims and content to match the formula, it’s one tool for your entire team!  Schedule a Demo

Supply Chain Audit Support

For companies with Foods, Beverages or Dietary Supplements, we have multiple qualified auditors ON STAFF (no sub-contracting) to ensure consistency in site auditing, facility design, observation assessments, and audit reports, to keep your supply chain qualified. Learn More

Other Updates

We’re going to have a number of team members attending various national and international shows this quarter…can we schedule a time to connect?